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Our focus in Education will take form in both real and virtual interaction between professional experts and students. We aim to create a space for intelligent minds to speak and listen, sparkling chemistry in thought experiments. The major discussion will involve arts, science, politics and management in different subjects.





The 2 Initiatives related to Education focus recently being conducted are:




Project LIBERAL ARTISTS is dedicated to mix and integrate creative researches and studies across different subjects: cinematography, photography, stage art, architecture, literature, poetry, anthropology, sociology, history as well as politics. The main diffusion method would be on-line platform, through virtual communities and micro-blogs.






Project ILLVMINATIO is about the “enlightening” of heated educative subjects in terms of cross-border studies, how to choose training institution in an unfamiliar environment, how to better be exposed to and understand different culture. This project will take different forms: off-line forums, on-line discussions as well as publications.



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Our focus in Medium is to purpose to serve as a cultured agent between different entities, whether personal or collective. We believe that being an agent in promoting effective transmission of information and personnel can be a key step to fulfill the Universalism we strived very hard to reach.


The 2 initiatives related to Medium are:



Project P.O.N.T: Personal, Organizational, National and Transnational. Project P.O.N.T intends to create a continuous series of formal exchange at personal, organizational, national and transnational level.

Pont 1

We target at areas of great importance and concerns with creative understanding: better transculturation, better acculturation and better inculturation in every aspects of cross-culture communication, whether an inter-governmental forum, a catch-up between industrial elites, or an discussion between culture experts.




FV SOCIETY, the Future Venture Society, is a combination of pro-business open minds. It consists off-line serial activities such as late-night symposium for finance professionals, workshops for start-up artists and cross-culture NGO managements. The aim of FV SOCIETY is to initiate an artsy ambient for young minds from different sectors to mingle extraordinary thoughts.




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Our main focus in Art, as we dedicates ourselves to promote art crossing boundaries through programs in art, culture and education in the belief that all ways of creativity overcome all forms of borders: cultural, social, disciplinary, gender or geographical.


As a demonstration of our faith, Arts Without Borders provides resources to launch, nurture and showcase artists, media makers, and literates worldwide.

The concentration on Art is extended to related 3 Initiatives:



A.S.F, the ARTES SINE FINIBVS, is a project aiming at the immersive experience for international artists in transboundary art exchange. As one of our major line of art projects curating in U.S, China, France, Mexico and Cuba , ASF is a hybrid of traditional exhibitions and on-line/off-line promotions. We aim to provide a Universalist ambient for emerging artists from distinctive geographic background to be exposed to mainstream art world.

ASF 2 botero





RENASCENTIA SINICA (Chinese Renaissance) aims to explore, in Chinese context, the power of international spiritual connection, the expansion of cultural interaction and the depth of reviving ancient arts in contemporary ways. With the very essence of inheritance and reformation, this series projects present and re-present Chinese art in various styles and forms, including but not limited to exhibition, performance, and lecture.



Arts Without Borders is devoted to the culture communication and promotion across time, geography and mind. In its original context, “Rinascimiento” refers to the rediscovery and inheritance of lost Styles and Forms, in pursuit of Culture Reborn and Reform. In light of this definition, the purpose of RENASCENTIA SINICA (Chinese Renaissance) is to explore, in contemporary China, the possibility that “Classics” realize a Universal Renaissance after a 100-year low tide.




Project P.A.C.S: Progress, Art, Citizen & Society. PACS intends to promote better understanding between different countries in interpreting social change and civil concerns in an artsy way. The working relationship with United Nations enables us to present these topics on proper stage.



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The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (CIFAC) has provided artists with the opportunity to present their art in New York City.

Artists from any place can enter the prestigious Chelsea International Fine Art Competition (CIFAC), which has been celebrating, supporting, and promoting the creative human spirit for over 30 years.


hongkong 1


CIFAC awards prizes specifically designed to nurture career growth, gain exposure, and boost artist’s public profiles, which includes cash prizes, promotional videos, magazine profiles, and, of course, an exhibition in New York City.

Enter here:




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SINAMERICA is a project committed to demonstrate the diversity of culture interaction between the United Sates and China. As our debut exhibition series, SINAMERICA focuses on promoting Chinese Art and Chinese artists, especially the emerging artists in the United States, so as to defy the stereotypical images of Chinese art and to present the global culture fusion.



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Nanjing Biennale is our past and future. Back in 2008, as curating assistant of the late Korean Curator Won-il Rhee, President Xiaoyun Zhang was engaged in a two-year experience preparing for Nanjing Biennale, during which time she was greatly influenced by his knowledge, professionalism and devotion to art. This experience became the founding momentum of Arts Without Borders.

In honor of Won-il’s spirit now in heaven, we aim to host the next Nanjing Biennale as a curating team, being the most impressive Biennale in China 2018. Guest selection will run the world’s most famous critics and artists.