by artswb |March 30, 2016 | Focus, Our Work

Our focus in Education will take form in both real and virtual interaction between professional experts and students. We aim to create a space for intelligent minds to speak and listen, sparkling chemistry in thought experiments. The major discussion will involve arts, science, politics and management in different subjects.





The 2 Initiatives related to Education focus recently being conducted are:




Project LIBERAL ARTISTS is dedicated to mix and integrate creative researches and studies across different subjects: cinematography, photography, stage art, architecture, literature, poetry, anthropology, sociology, history as well as politics. The main diffusion method would be on-line platform, through virtual communities and micro-blogs.






Project ILLVMINATIO is about the “enlightening” of heated educative subjects in terms of cross-border studies, how to choose training institution in an unfamiliar environment, how to better be exposed to and understand different culture. This project will take different forms: off-line forums, on-line discussions as well as publications.


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