by artswb |March 29, 2016 | Focus, Our Work

Our focus in Medium is to purpose to serve as a cultured agent between different entities, whether personal or collective. We believe that being an agent in promoting effective transmission of information and personnel can be a key step to fulfill the Universalism we strived very hard to reach.


The 2 initiatives related to Medium are:



Project P.O.N.T: Personal, Organizational, National and Transnational. Project P.O.N.T intends to create a continuous series of formal exchange at personal, organizational, national and transnational level.

Pont 1

We target at areas of great importance and concerns with creative understanding: better transculturation, better acculturation and better inculturation in every aspects of cross-culture communication, whether an inter-governmental forum, a catch-up between industrial elites, or an discussion between culture experts.




FV SOCIETY, the Future Venture Society, is a combination of pro-business open minds. It consists off-line serial activities such as late-night symposium for finance professionals, workshops for start-up artists and cross-culture NGO managements. The aim of FV SOCIETY is to initiate an artsy ambient for young minds from different sectors to mingle extraordinary thoughts.



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