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SCHOLA NOVA, the New School project is to serve the modern reiteration of traditional art form of the Literati Painting, represented by, in particular, those of essential importance to the New Southern, the Contemporary Jinling School.

Literati Painting is deeply embedded into the Art History of Southeastern China. Su Shi, superstar liberal artist of 11th Century, mentioned terms such as “Mo Xi”(Ink Play) and “Shiren Hua”(Gent’s Painting), which are considered as the initial forms of Literati Painting. Dong Qichang, the most prominent Art Historian of the 1600s, promoted Zen Poet Wang Wei from 8th Century, to be the ancestor of this art form. Literati Painting put “spirit cultivation” as priority, emphasizing on the rivalry of empirical and theoretical experience, of soul and skill, of Spirituality and Gentility. In the past millennium, the literati painting has witnessed various distinct art trends dominating the traditional Yangtze Delta (Part of Modern Day Jiangsu, Zhe Jiang and Shanghai): The Four Wangs, Wu School, Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics, Four Monks, Jinling Eight Masters, etc.

Since mid-19th century, Classic China underwent a dim period of culture impact from drastic westernization, during which masters like Fu Baoshi and Qian Songyan all left their spiritual essence in Nanjing. Their influence serves as a beacon in this most critical moment of life and death for the Jinling School of Literati Painting. Since the Rise of China in the recent decade, culture confidence has been rebuilt in the Yangtze Delta, the traditional high ground of art. Nanjing, as the heart of this high ground, has witnessed the revival of Literati Painting, in which many leaders of the New Jinling School has emerged: Yu Jigao, Fan Baowen, Lu Xingtang, Xiao Ping, etc.


shcola nova 2


Arts Without Borders is well nourished by these master figures, in light of which we proposed to promote these pieces in order to forward the better recognition and preserving of this valuable and timeless art form.


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